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5 things that rocked our week #17


In a week that got tainted a little with the sad passing of the Ultimate Warrior, here’s 5 things that helped us get through the week! Read the full story

5 things that rocked our week #16


Had a nice week? Yeah? Me too. Apart from that day when it was right foggy. That was rubbish. So it goes; here’s yer five things we’ve seen that had us hitting ‘send to Pocket’ faster than you can say ‘send to Pocket’. Read the full story

5 (plus) things that rocked our week #15


Yeah – so I suck at updating these things when I’m busy. Bonus – i have a Pocket full of link love to share.

Here’s a lot of things i’ve seen over the past few days / weeks that I absolutely adore. Read the full story

5 things that rocked our week #14


Happy Friday pups! Here’s your Manifest-endorsed link pack. Five of the best things we’ve seen this week!

1. Justin Bieber is a Transformer. Here’s the proof.

2. Are you ready for the Space Rugby on Sunday?! Got the perfect excuse for not going into work on Monday? If you haven’t, fret not – Channel 4′s got your back.

3. Everyone’s favourite movie about Business Cards gets a Hipster twist. NSF (most) W.

4. Speaking of shorts – this movie about the story of Kiss’ Beth rules.

5. Finally. God bless the internet for this. Play Anything.

You can now follow the Five Things board on Pinterest! Do it! It’ll go nicely with all those motivational quotes and Keep Calm rip offs. x

5 things that rocked our week #13


Happy Friday, scamps! Here’s 5 things that have raised a smile (among other things) in the Manifest office this week. See you in two weeks (I’m off to Center Parcs! Whoop! Waterslides!)!

1. Jared Leto is a dreamboat. And 42. Forty. Two.

2. ‘Classic’ Albums recreated with Lego.

3. The song’s pretty “meh” but the site for Pharrell’s new tune ‘Happy’ is lovely.

4. The Simpsons apologise to Judas Priest via Chalkboard after calling them ‘Death Metal’. How meta.

5. The new logo for Fitness First grows on you. The executions and messaging help. A lot.

Also. This cat that looks like Chewbacca and, yes, this is real, a Pimp sues Nike for $100m.

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