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Manifestival | 2014

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Jimmy Crackstar, Big D, Casino Royale and Lady Gaga (in spirit), the third Manifestival saw all Manifestees shake their booties and stay up all night to get lucky…

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5 things that rocked our week #20


This week saw the arrival of Manifest LDN Director Alex‘s baby girl, so that pretty much rocked our entire week on it’s own. Here’s 5 things that were pretty cool that we saw on that there internet.

1. A beautiful photo set of new dads. Really cool idea!

2. Alway having to wrestle your phone off your kids as they take 1000000000s of photos? Download KidCam – not only does it limit the amount of photos taken, it looks really fun to use!

3. This video had me in tears. Celebrities reading out mean tweets aimed at them. Note – there’s sw**ring.

4. I don’t need many excuses to post this vid, but last weekend saw the 9th anniversary of the greatest Champions League final ever. EVER.

5. “The only thing you are interested in is the spaghetti”. Remembering Massimo Vignelli.

Wiggin’ out


Can we get a whoop whoop for Wig Wednesday? As if our crew wasn’t crackers enough, today we donned the big wigs to help raise money for children and young people with cancer through supporting CLIC Sargent’s wig-tastic initiative.


When we heard that one of our new starters, the lovely Liam Grady, had a copious amount of wigs (no questions asked), we decided to join the likes of Harry Hill, amongst other famous faces, and get involved in Wig Wednesday.


(Our resident #wighoarder @LiamGrady caught in the act)

Set up by CLIC Sargent to raise vital funds for children and young people with cancer each year, we jumped on board the ‘wig wagon’ to raise money and awareness. But surely the highlight of this colourful day was seeing our new Senior Developer, Peter Sawyckyj, with a full head of hair for the first time!

5 things that rocked our week #19


We’ve had a great week at Manifest, including a quick visit to our brand new Manchester office yesterday (we’ll be putting up some pics when we’re all cosy) – here’s a few things that got us hitting ‘CMD+D’ like a bad one…

1. NERD ALERT! NERD ALERT! Say hello to your new favourite movie review website. This in particular made me smile.

2. SPOILER ALERT! SPOILER ALERT! If you’re up to date with Game of Thrones but have no idea who is who and who’s brother is who’s mother, this website is for you. Probably. I haven’t had a good luck at it as i’m only half way through season 2.

3. SWEARING ALERT! SWEARING ALERT! Rapper and gourmet chef Action Bronson has a new food show. I can’t even the same of it, but it rhymes with ‘Look, that’s delicious’.

4. NEW SONG ALERT! NEW SONG ALERT! I think we’ve played Damon Albarn’s new album about 25362193728391 times this week. This song has got the studio singing more than when we used to play Tenacious D’s ‘Double Team’ every Friday at 4pm.

5. SMILE ALERT! SMILE ALERT! Men who suck at DIY! Get on these new screws. Now, whenever you do something wrong on the house, your missus won’t get mad because she’ll be all like “I told you to take your time on this! YOU ALWAYS D- AWWWWWWWWWWW LOOK AT THE SMILEY FACE SCREWS! OH HELLO MR SMILEY FACE!!!” You’re welcome.

Enjoy your weekends – i’m off to buy a shed load of those screws.

Say hello to our little friends.


We’ve been having a great start to the year at Manifest HQ, so what better time to introduce four shiny new faces to our Leeds office.


This is Jonny. Jonny joins our studio team as an artworker – which means he’s got a keen eye for detail and is a bit of a perfectionist. A keen cyclist (he often commutes from Hebden Bridge – which is just mental if you ask me), he used to be a DJ and has an encyclopedic knowledge of 80s pop. He’s basically Mike Reid on a bike.


Meet Peter. Peter is our new senior developer. Peter is actually something of a first when it comes to team digital, he’s our first non-Mike (our four previous web-heads have all been called Mike – no joke). A man with eclectic tastes in film, TV & Music and a general distain for Ben Affleck, Peter is a welcome addition to the team.


Next up is Liam. Liam joins us as an account manager on team PR. Liam is from Doncaster. But don’t hold that against him. Hold the fact that he’s an Arsenal fan against him instead. Although he has shoddy taste in football, Liam’s other hobbies include MMA and boxing. So i’ll just shut up now.


Last, but not least is Andrew. Andrew is a PR Account Executive. He actually interviewed for a role three years ago and I pretty much ruined his chances by letting the next candidate just walk into his interview. It all fell apart from there. I think he’s finally forgiven me, although I never actually drink any of the brews he makes. Just in case.

We’re still on the look out for a head of digital and are always keen to hear from freelancers and interns on all fronts (PR, Design, Digital). Want to follow these four beautiful people’s footsteps and possibly have an awkward picture of yourself up on the blog for all and sundry to see and photoshop? Course you do. Email us at and tell us what you want to do at Manifest.

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