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The Internet never ceases to amaze

At time of writing, this useless little video has had almost 11million views. 11 million. I kid you not.


I have no idea of the attraction to the Peanut Butter Jelly Banana. There are fan sites all over cyberspace and he even made an appearance in Family Guy.

I’m not late to the game on this one – I was watching when it was one of the first YouTube phenomina over three years ago. But having just been sent the link by a friend who saw it for the first time yesterday its continued success baffles me. Well, it does and it doesn’t:

I mean, try watching it without smiling. Go on try it. Then search YouTube for ‘Peanut Butter Federline’

Twitter says I'm ugly

In recent days, it has become clear to me that twitter users have no taste. No taste at all. And how do I know this, you ask? Twit or Fit is how I know. How, I ask you, my fair readers, can anyone with an ounce of taste rank me at a miserly 4.5 out of 10? Yes, you read correctly. Four point bastard five. Here’s the proof:

As if that’s not enough of an insult. The
Twit or Fit folks seem to think I’ll be proud of my apparent unattractiveness – offering me a HTML badge declaring my score to blog readers! Well, yes please, Twit or Fit. Can you also chuck in a badge that reads ‘single for a reason’? Or maybe, ‘great face for radio’? Hell, why not an all-singing-all-dancing HTML badge that declares: ‘will die alone’?

Tweeters – I deplore you. Find some taste from somewhere. I’m clearly at least a 5.

Election 2.0

Okay – I’m aware that everyone has blogged about this, and therefore nobody is interested in more musings on Obama’s social media campaign. However, the web is all about opinions eh, and given that this is my blog (and I’m pretty much it’s biggest fan) I’ve decided to crack on and chuck my tuppence-worth in.

Obama is the new President of the United States of America and global superhero – Huzzah! So obviously the newspapers have been filled with details on how he went about winning whilst covering the inauguration (where 2 million people watched very little happen before and after an amazing, historic speech). Interestingly for the USA, opponent bashing and soundbite politics took a bit of a backseat this time around as the world looked on in wonder at the birth of electioneering 2.0.

It’s no surprise that the internet was a priority for the campaign managers – in just the four years since the last US election, social media has proven its capacity to distribute information virally, shape and broadcast opinions, drive offline word-of-mouth, unite activitsts or social groups and permeate audiences that are difficult to reach through traditional media channels. I mean, Facebook was only just launched in 2004 – but in 2008 over 130million people are logging in every month.

What was surprising, however, was the intelligence with which social media was targeted – by both the official and unofficial channels. The key to Obama’s success for me was a great mix of using existing social networks such as Facebook and Flickr, alongside unique online resources to recruit 1.5million supporters.

At one point I was being blamed for Obama’s loss in the election (should it happen), donating my Facebook status to the cause, watching my dream woman Sarah Silverman urge anyone Jewish to fly to Florida to get Grandma to vote Obama, hacking the live debates through Twitter and playing with an iPhone widget that was developed to unify supporters in the same locality. It’s probably best to overlook the efforts made by Obamagirl.

It’s probably too early for a full debrief on the precise impact social media had last week, but one thing is clear: politics has changed forever.

^ Viral images, viral videos, celebrity endorsements, social networks, microblogging – you name it, we saw it used to fll effect on the election campaign trail.

Wassup Tweeple?

Do you know your Tweetbeep from your Twanslate?

I love Twitter. Fact. That might, in some eyes (okay – most eyes) make me appear a geek. It wasn’t always that way.

There was a time when I used to regard Twitter with confusion and disdain in equal measure – my impression of the serial tweeter was pretty close to that of the gloriously hideous Twitter Whore.

However, I am most definitely a changed man. In recent times Twitter has become an essential professional tool – connecting me with a knowledge base that literally spans the world.

I also love the fact Twitter has become defined by its users – with many tweeters using the Twitter API to create new and exceptionally useful little tools and Web 2.0 widgets.

“But where,” you might ask, “Can I possibly find all these nifty uses of Twitter?”

Here my soon-to-be Twitter addicts. Here.

You can see my own tweets to the right, or, as Hitler, the Pied Piper and the Moonies have been known to say – “follow me


^Twitter Whore: the traditional Tweeter caricature

Dipity 2 dah

It’s been around for a while but Dipity 2.0 is like, well, like your life flashing before you. Aside from providing a wealth of benefits when mapping projects, the combination with Daylife provides an exceptional tool to review news content around a specific issue according to time and date.

The timeline is, for me, by far the most useful visualisation but the Google Maps mashup adds another dimension of insight.

Below (as an example) is my current timeline bringing feeds from both my professional and personal life – quite scary for me, quite dull for you. These can be embedded in any blog or website, but also within Netvibes or other AJAX dashboard.

Okay – update… since moving from Blogger to WordPress I can’t embed the Dipity widget. Meh. But click here to see it in fullscreen glory. Here’s a quick screengrab to show you how it looks: