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Manifest’s Unsung Heroes

Part 2 – Assorted Ancient Egyptians (3050 – 332 BC)

I know what you are thinking: ‘you can’t just put various unidentified Egyptian fellows down for only the second part of the Unsung Heroes blog – it’s unseemly’.  Normally, readers, I would agree with you – but not when said Egyptian fellows are probably responsible for THE DOOR – you know, the wall’s jazzy cousin.

Yes, the first recorded instance of door’s humble existence in the world was to be found in Ancient Egyptian tomb paintings, and thus I can only assume that it was the Egyptians who were responsible for a history-altering breakthrough.

Like roundabouts, but somehow even more important (I know, hard to believe), if we didn’t have doors everything would definitely go to shit. Everyone would be cold/hot all the time, burglars would just walk into your house and nick all your stuff, and you would regularly fall out of your car when going round corners (and roundabouts – see part 1) –and that’s not to mention a whole raft of (SERIOUS) privacy issues.

As far as I can see there would be few positives. I suppose eavesdropping would become a compromised art (which is probably a good thing), and keyhole perverts would have to find another way to be a pervert, but these seem like paltry plusses in light of all the benefits doors provide.

So then, to the door!

Next week: A SURPRISE!!

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