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Manifest’s Unsung Heroes

Part 5: The Rich Tea biscuit (1600ish to present)

This sweet bite has been cordially classified as the boring biscuit for over four centuries, but I beg to differ.

With its smooth and soft surface and cute little dimples the Rich Tea is a timeless beauty – the english rose of all biscuits. Not to mention its superior flavour of course, which is carefully considered and charmingly classic – no need for fuss darling.

I’m sure you’re convinced; the Rich Tea is not to be ignored. Indeed, it has a stronger lineage than you or I, not only was this delectable bite developed in the 17th century for the upper classes as a light nibble between luncheon, it recently played an enviable role in Kate and Wills’ wedding, as the cake filling of choice.

So, sod off Mr Peter Kay with your ‘one dunk’ debauchery, the Rich Tea is too ruddy darn well posh to be dunked in a cup of tea.


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