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Thank f#ck for that!

Hallelujah! We’re not sure about everyone else, but the team at Manifest is thrilled that Facebook has decided to embrace the #hashtag. We’ve seen the phenomenon being used across Twitter, Instagram, Google+ and Pinterest and even as the backdrop for the Eurovision Song Contest (#awks), but until now, Facebook has ignored the #hashtag… #fools.

Screen Shot 2013-06-14 at 11.52.45
We can’t wait to maximise our client’s pages. Facebook has been falling short on allowing users to interact through current trends and issues, with clickable #hashtags! Business pages will now be open to trending topics for consumers and businesses to access across the globe… super exciting! But what does the #hashtag really mean for Facebook and social marketers? The most important change is that we are now able to unite our #hashtag campaigns across all key platforms, which will increase reach and impact, making it easier to measure and quantify the success of a campaign.
Other benefits include the use of the #hashtag across sponsored posts, which Facebook has promised to make “automatically clickable and searchable on Facebook”. In short content will be accessible beyond a users newsfeed, meaning trending posts, including #hashtags, can be accessed by anyone everywhere (well, within the remit of Facebook that is!).
When considering the past constraints business pages have had on Facebook such as competition restrictions and limited content reach, the #hashtag is big news. The #hashtag will open up organic and campaign driven conversations, making it easier for businesses to drive content to specific target markets.

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For our clients and business pages, this is definitely a step in the right direction for Facebook! The ‘number one’ social networking site admitting this is an invention not to be dismissed is definitely a great mark of respect – #GoTwitter!

Come on YouTube…if you adopt the # then we can really see the power of social media…

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