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Internet Explorer to begin auto-upgrades, Web Development community in ecstacy

In a move that myself and countless others will be treating as an early Christmas present, Microsoft, makers of the infamous* boogeyman-browser Internet Explorer, have outlined plans to automatically upgrade all their Windows users to the very latest version of their browser.

Why? Well, maybe it’s pressure from development community campaigns. Maybe it’s constantly evolving threats which emerge from exploits in browser and operating system technology; something for which Internet Explorer 6.0 is ubiquitous. Or maybe it’s just because their latest version, Internet Explorer 9.0, has finally passed the ACID test.

All we know is we want to run into the street and embrace each and every man, woman and child at the gravitas of this news. Not only will our lives as developers become a lot easier, but we can now extend a rich, interactive experience to more.

(via BBC News)

*IE9 is actually a pretty good browser!

New BBC homepage enters public beta

And we like it. Always seems to be a bit of a touchy subject though, the current design which has been live for just over a year hit quite a few nerves with frequent users. Guess what – we liked that version too. Forgive us if we may seem biased, but we don’t think there’s anything wrong with websites evolving in accordance with the user’s needs, contemporary aesthetics and also emerging web trends.

Source: NetMag

Site of the week

Screen shot 2011-05-18 at 08.58.28

Bret “purveyor of impossible dreams” Victor manages to wow us all with the latest version of his personal website – it may not look like much from the onset but take a look around, especially in the Kill Math section. Cool ain’t it? This guy also designed the first User Interface for the iPad, and I’m somehow not surprised.

via Gizmodo

Web Dev Top 10 Series: jQuery Plugins

As far as JavaScript Frameworks go – I’ve been round the block. My first brush with one was MooTools (which is still and probably always will be a great alternative to jQuery), but I’ve also come into contact to prototype and to name a few more. Infact if you have a quick search or keep your eye on things like this you’ll notice there are loads, but for me jQuery is usually the first one I look to when bringing a website to life due to the sheer number of support there is out there on the internet. Read the full story