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From stuffed Squirrels to tins of Mortal Terror – A year in the life of Manifest

‘Tis the season to get all nostalgic, so as we hit December I have compiled the first ever Manifest review of the year. It’s been a crazy one, including the world’s smallest HD camcorder, the world’s most alcoholic beer, the world’s smallest protest and the world’s first monster supply store. So, without further ado – here are Manifest’s highlights of 2010:

Naked geeks

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Tasting your brand.

So if you didn’t see my head-swelling welcome in the Manifest London news last week… why not? I kid.  However, it’s no joke that I am a bit of a smitten kitten with this company.  From London to Huddersfield and beer tasting to solar panels, it’s been one hell of a week.


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