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PR, wine and feelin’ fine

Camilla Brown knows how to gather a crowd (see Morphsuits flashmob here) but she caused a right old stampede last Tuesday when she asked if any of us wanted to go to a wine tasting in The Longroom, conveniently located minutes from Manifest London offices.

If you’ve ever been to a Manifest London Thursday club session you’ll know we like our wine but we’ve also recently discovered a love of the food at The Longroom, described by Jay Rayner of Guardian fame as a “bunch of big, male, fatty, salty things”. There was nothing we didn’t like about that sentence.

Camilla with just one of the lovely wines on offer

Camilla with just one of the lovely wines on offer

There were cheesy puffs, chunks of hot salt beef, deliciously melty manchego and ricotta grilled sandwiches, seranno ham clubs, hot beef sliders and some salted caramel tart to balance out all that meat and cheese.

We were taken on a magical ‘wine flight’ from prosecco to Riesling, learning about blended wines, tannins, tasting notes and techniques along the way.

Sorry you couldn’t be there, but here’s what we learned:

1) Match the intensity of the food and the wine

2) Try to match acidity, how tingly your mouth feels after drinking the wine, with the acidity of the food

3) Pair wine and food from the same region

4) Don’t sit beside Lauren. She might spit wine at you.

Whose line is it anyway?

As you can imagine, or as you already know if you were following us on Twitter and saw our tipsily written tweets on Tuesday night, it was the usual lolfest of memorable quotes and we were even mistaken for a girlband called ‘Manifest’. Lauren, Cam and fantastic organiser Mark Schneider of Bibendum wines are responsible for the classics below, but whose line is it anyway?

On the excitement of being at a wine tasting event and finding the wine does indeed complement the food: “Wine matching. It’s like SCIENCE!”

On the third bottle of wine: “Jump Stump wine, sounds like something Oscar Pistorious would drink!”

On red wine hangover mouth, which we now know is caused by the tannins: “It’s like licking a badger”

Now, if you’ll excuse us, we’ve got some wine to taste and some PR to do.

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Social Media Tools 101: Delicious

The delicious icon is made up of the four key colours of HTML.

The delicious icon is made up of the four key colours of HTML.

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