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The Future of Sharing – Social Media Week

From the amount of column inches the subject has generated over the last few months, I think most people know that we are in the midst of a serious cyber battle. The battle, fiercely fought by the biggest of the tech big boys – Google, Amazon, Apple, and Facebook – is to take up our time, our mouse clicks, our networks and, most importantly, our personal information.

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Internet Explorer to begin auto-upgrades, Web Development community in ecstacy

In a move that myself and countless others will be treating as an early Christmas present, Microsoft, makers of the infamous* boogeyman-browser Internet Explorer, have outlined plans to automatically upgrade all their Windows users to the very latest version of their browser.

Why? Well, maybe it’s pressure from development community campaigns. Maybe it’s constantly evolving threats which emerge from exploits in browser and operating system technology; something for which Internet Explorer 6.0 is ubiquitous. Or maybe it’s just because their latest version, Internet Explorer 9.0, has finally passed the ACID test.

All we know is we want to run into the street and embrace each and every man, woman and child at the gravitas of this news. Not only will our lives as developers become a lot easier, but we can now extend a rich, interactive experience to more.

(via BBC News)

*IE9 is actually a pretty good browser!