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The ten commandments of media pitching – top tips for winning over journalists

I was hoping for a stone tablet and a chisel when I was asked to write about the Ten Commandments, but alas… a laptop in Starbucks it is. So fix up, look sharp and hereby abide by these ten rules for not pissing off journalists.

1. Become a media junkie.

Not quite the same kudos as an AA meeting but you’ve got to love reading the papers, watching the news, immersing yourself in the latest mags to really understand the whole PR game.

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The (anti)social media guru

In the line of work I’m in, I get asked all the time about what brand or organisation runs the best social media profiles. Until February this year, the answer was a simple one: Rastro Bar.

Not heard of it? Well, that’s because it was only a tiny bar on Calle de Mira el Sol in Madrid; with one foul-mouthed Liverpudlian barkeep by the name of Bryn Gorry. As well as being in charge of the beer, the food, the ukelele and the swearing, Bryn took the helm of the bar’s social media with gusto. Immediately, he became a pioneer of anti-social media marketing – a sort of Fosbury Flop of the digital marketing world so incredibly weird that it really worked (by ‘worked’ I mean kept me and the other faithful Rastronauts entertained). Read the full story

And the winner is…

Manifest London Best Consumer PR Campaign of the Year

…Manifest London (of course)!

Invited by The Grocer to “Validate your FMCG credentials” via its annual Advertising, Marketing, and PR Awards, we obliged by putting forward BrewDog campaign, ‘Hello, My Name is Vladimir’, for ‘Best Consumer PR Campaign of the Year’. And we won! Woo hoo!!

Recognised by the judges for its outstanding results, ‘Hello, My Name is Vladimir’ is the world’s first protest beer and was launched to coincide with the Sochi Winter Olympics in February 2014. Satirising Russia’s anti-gay laws and sarcastically declaring that it is ‘Not for Gays’, BrewDog declared its support for LGBT communities and donated a percentage of its profits to international human rights charities. Read the full story

Nine things Jack Bauer can teach you about running a successful PR campaign

Nine things Jack Bauer can teach you about running successful PR campaigns

Let’s face it; Jack Bauer gets the job done. No matter what situation you put him in, no matter what setback he faces – kidnapped family members, rogue agents, dirty bombs – he always seems to achieve his objective. Watching the latest London-based series of 24 got me thinking (tenuous link alert!), what can Jack’s approach teach us about running successful PR campaigns? Whether you’re executing a creative campaign, running press office, handling a client’s social media community or creating some kick-ass video, there’s definitely a few things we can take from Jack’s approach to his working day. Read the full story

Five tips for turning Twitter followers into advocates


Screen Shot 2014-09-25 at 14.15.44

In a world where social media speaks louder, truer, and most importantly faster than any magazine, newspaper or website, brands of all shapes and sizes are beginning to incorporate engagement with their online communities as an integral part of their marketing strategy.

Brand advocates are individuals (often customers) who talk favourably about a brand or product, and use their online presence to share opinions and pass on positive word of mouth messages to others. They care about keeping the brands they love on the right track, and they’ll be the first to voice their opinions if they aren’t happy with the way something works out.

With ease of access to multiple social platforms including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for direct online engagement, the influential power of individuals as brand advocates is now greater than ever before. The opportunity for a business to build relationships with these advocates therefore provides an invaluable source of marketing, to inevitably increase visibility and awareness for any brand. Read the full story

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