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Stribe turns your site into a social network

Stribe is a new plug and play programme that allows you to create a customised social network that sits alongside your website – allowing your visitors to connect and engage with each other, as well as with your content, without leaving your site.

Stribe is a finalist in the this year’s Techcrunch50 and looks set for success, at least in the short term. This is a concept that many organisations will love – but it will be the uptake from website visitors that will determine its success.

Bespoke social networks are nothing new – Ning has made them easier than ever to create – but Stribe is the first option we’ve seen that attaches a network overtly to an organisation’s website content. Indeed, the innovative interface could add a lot of value for Ning if they were to look at partnering (or even purchasing) the start-up.

The opportunities are vast, but there needs to be careful thought around the purpose and policing of such a network in order to make it attractive to join and revisit. Also, with current online successes such as Posterous aggregating online identities rather than creating new ones, Stribe is going against the grain to some extent.

Interesting to see who takes it on. We might even try it out on the Manifest London website so keep your eyes peeled.

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Comic Relief goes social

I’ve only just seen the red nose day viral from Fallon and it’s pretty cool. My favourite twitter mascot Alexandr Orlov makes an appearance on video conference from Moscow.

Alongside the rest of the widgets and apps developed through the hackathon and beyond, this is one of the best non-profit social media campaigns we’ve seen (and it’s not even finished yet)

Wherever I go, trouble follows…

Check out this fancy mosaic of all my Twitter followers:

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It’s easy to create your own here. I’m sure I’m not the first one to blog this, but I’m sure some of you out there will find it useful.

Also – you might find some useful contacts in here. Most of them are in the PR/journalism game but if that’s your bag, get following.