Manifest gets personal for Valentines day with notonthehighstreet.

Manifest gets personal for Valentines day with notonthehighstreet



Valentine's Day has a reputation for being a very tricky day of the year to get right when it comes to PR and brand awareness, as there is so much noise to rise above. But with such a strong, appealing brand to work with, Manifest was able to develop a creative and consistent integrated campaign that stood out from the crowd. The aim was to increase brand awareness for and encourage a break from clichéd, impersonal gifts this February 14th.


In order to target the audience effectively and arm with a strong enough voice to break through the noise on Valentine's Day, Manifest developed three core elements to the strategy.

The first step was to conduct a survey of 2000 people to find out their buying habits on cupid's busiest day of the year. The results provided us with a list of the 10 least appreciated gifts received. To support the results with creative imagery, Manifest staged a protest against boring, generic gifts in an iconic retail destination, Carnaby Street. With placards shunning the solitary rose and boycotting the teddy bear, we attracted a crowd and armed the campaign with an arsenal of evocative, on-brand photography.

The final stage and crux of the campaign took place on Valentine's Day itself and consisted of personalised music videos specially made for your loved one. Utilising and Twitter, we invited followers to tweet their message to their sweetheart with the hashtag #TweetHeart and singer/songwriter duo The Coopers made them into short, personalised music videos. 14 videos were made in total, including a real wedding proposal, which were shared via social channels and hosted on YouTube.


The survey results appeared on a range of sites including Marie Claire, Huffington Post, MSN Style, Red Online, the Sunday Mercury and Stylist. On a social media front, the #TweetHeart activity drove 500 tweets directed to @NOTHSdotcom. In addition to the video views in excess of 2,500, online conversation of increased by 950% during the #TweetHeart activity and recipients of the videos have blogged about their videos, extending the reach of the campaign to their respective followers.

PR and Marketing Manager for, Emma Wood praised the campaign:
"We were thrilled with the success of the #TweetHeart campaign. We knew that by providing a unique and personal way to celebrate Valentine's Day, it would engage our customers, who are looking for gifts with a personal touch. It was light-hearted yet touching, and the concept really resonated with them. It allowed us as a brand to provide real content with real people and real stories, something everyone could relate to. It was a brand campaign, not a direct sales one. The buzz around the campaign successfully raised brand awareness and salience, and the social media conversation about rose 22% on Valentine's Day alone. It was a great campaign that demonstrated how you can engage with customers in way that is appealing to them, but also gets your brand message across."


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