Panasonic Toughbook.


Public Relations


Panasonic, the global electronics giant, wanted to map the current social media landscape with regards to its Toughbook rugged laptops. Manifest was commissioned to provide a social media audit that not only provided a detailed analysis of brand and competitor mentions across social media platforms, but also established a strategy for utilising these channels in brand communications.


Manifest's social media audit process combines cutting-edge software and expert analysis to provide the highest level of insight for brands. We looked not only at mentions of Toughbook and its competitors (providing isolated and comparitive analysis) but also related topics and themes to establish where the relevant conversations were occurring. By understanding who was talking about Toughbook, where they were talking about Toughbook and what types of content were shared the most through social media, Manifest was able to provide an immediate snapshot of the brand's online reputation alongside advice for improving this and enhancing online reach through an integrated comms campaign.


Social media audit document, social media workshop with Panasonic, strategic direction recommendations and content recommendations

Panasonic Toughbook - Overview